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Friday, August 4, 2023

Eating Healthy: Soups!


It’s so easy to quickly  make healthy soups! I generally make a different one daily! If you have 20 minutes… you can do it. Pick the type of soup you want that day and put it together! Yesterday, it was cream of tomato with sautéed shallots.Today, it’s very veggie vegetable soup!

Using frozen veggies and fruits makes this treat a breeze. What makes soups delicious and different from something ‘out of a can’ is what you put in it and the herbs and spices you use…that’s true of all dishes you prepare. Now, you could take fresh from the farm ingredients and cut, chop and dice yourself into a stupor, but it won’t be quick.

So, for this soup: Using a Crock Pot  (or pan of an appropriate size) I used vegetable stock, tomatoes (canned diced or stewed) frozen mixed veggies of choice ,i.e. frozen spinach, carrots, peas and corn.  Lentils and black beans and a little fresh juice of a lemon. The soup was seasoned with coriander, cardamom, a touch of mint, red pepper flakes ,Herbes de Provence and garlic( all to taste). Obviously, the quantities of each element will vary depending on the amount of soup you want to make. You can change this up any way you want… use courgettes, onion ( you might want to sauté shallots, leeks or other onions), cabbage or whatever you might be in the mood for that day. This is also great way to get rid of leftover veggies etc.! Let the soup heat until cooked and flavors meld. I believe the slower and longer you let it cook the better it will be.

You see, the elements vary to taste and come together very quickly. If you start this process in the morning, by late afternoon … you have a real treat!  These soups can usually be frozen. So, when you want a quick ‘“pick-me-up” or a soup to serve with a meal, these are ready to eat when you want them! Imagine, a freezer with various soups YOU made, right there whenever you want them…YES!

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

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