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Monday, June 12, 2017

Be Wise When You Buy!

Be wise when you buy. Expensive things are wonderful, but take a moment to reflect on the purpose for which you are buying anything. Chanel is great, but only if it's a timeless piece. You can keep timeless pieces forever.
If you buy less expensive items, when you tire of them, consider donating them to groups like Dress for Success or other groups that provide clothing for people who would be so pleased to have your beautiful treasures. 
There are more ways to spend your money wisely!

That may include buying products from companies who donate money or items when you buy something from that company. These beautiful DIFFEyeware sunglasses are just one great way to help others with your purchase. Read more about it on my   Instagram account!
So, be wise when you buy. Everything counts when helping other... from humans to sweet pets in shelters, missionary services or your place of worship...please give your help and do it wisely.
Lisa Vanderpump thinks it's  a good idea. Visit her site on Instagram. She's an amazing, generous voice for helping others and she actually puts her money where her heart is. How about you?
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Let It Be!

God's heard your prayer. Continue to pray, but deep inside take rest and worry not...Let It Be.
Listen and be still in Faith.
If you are struggling,
let's get CREATIVE and find different choices that will let you live your best life!
Deborah Mullan/ A Creative Living Professional
Motivational Speaker

I'll Drink To That!

Trade in your wine for Kombucha on hot afternoons! It's delicious over ice.
Picture from @
kathysvegainkitchen on
Instagram...its a great site to visit!
Deborah Mullan/ A Creative Living you have an issue you're struggling with, then let's  get CREATIVE and get you living your best life!