No Resolution Needed!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Take Aim And Dream Big!

Think about it! Proverb 27 tells us, to keep your eye on your visions(dreams). Make your dreams and goals big! Don't be afraid to add a healthy dose of your imagination to those dreams too. Oh yes, when you take aim at your dreams and goals, don't share it with small minded people! That will end up sucking the Faith and happiness right out of you. In addition, that will turn your dreams into a passing thoughts...
One more thing, think "now", never say someday.  That is not definitive enough. Someday is today! Now go and use your imagination, dream and make a plan that you keep in your sight. It would be wise to actually right it down. This gives you a reminder and makes it easier to keep your dream clear in your mind. To aid you on your epic "dream in biblical proportion"  journey, I encourage you to visit Terri Sevelle Foy's website, for wonderful tools ( books and journals) to keep you on the right track!
Deborah Mullan⚘
A Creative Living Professional