No Resolution Needed!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Receiving Salvation

Salvation is not something to be's a gift to be recieved...

Something to think about...
Read further in Luke15:9. You HAVE God's favor, if you believe it in your have been bought by the blood of are His. Your salvation has never been why do we keep looking for what  we have been given?

Deborah Mullan /Creative Living Professional

Sunday, January 22, 2017

PS, You're Blind, But It's OK

Call, He will answer...Jeremiah 33:3  You need ask but once, then believe, have Faith and wait until He delivers your needs to you in the time that is right for you.
Miracles will happen, if you expect them, but not necessarily when you want them, but on God's Terms and In God's TIME. He knows and sees what we know nothing of and He can aim us higher then we could ever imagine because HE sees...we, are blind... true sight comes from the heart. Open your heart to Him and let Him guide you through the darkness. Eventually, your world , through His Grace,
will become understood to you.

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional
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One more voice speaking the Word of the Bible and allowing light into what was darkness.
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Next door? REALLY?

You wouldn't believe the things that are taken for granted. No, most people really don't! Do you have $1.00 in your pocket? Can you buy a light bulb or box of batteries if you needed them? Little things, like gum? They don't sound like much, but actually, having "nothing" is hard to imagine for most people, yet for some folks "anything" can be considered a luxury because when you barely have what you need to get by, every  little thing in your life is so very precious. Now, here's the shocker.  These people who can't take anything for granted or allow anything to be wasted may be living right next door to you! They may talk to you on Facebook and you'd never guess. You may see them at the PTA meetings or in church on Sunday or in Bible Study, they may be your children's playmates... So get to know your community and extend a hand and offer a smile. Let's care about everyone, in every way we can, who moves in and out of our lives. Who knows, they may have something to show you about blessings...about the giving and recieving of them.
Above all, be grateful! Very hard times can happen to anyone, often without warning or blame.
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What you have and take for granted may be what others can only pray for...

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

Motivational Speaker/ Writer
Applying God's Word to Lifes situations  and anxious to share it.
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Friday, January 6, 2017

You Don't Have To Be Perfect

When you feel hopeless, useless and abandoned...Remember you have an appointment to visit Ephesians at 3:20! God wants to do His work ...through you!
You don't have to be perfect to participate ...  God has given you a job to do. It's a blessing, a gift from God, take the on. Stay in step with Him and His Grace and Mercy will deliver you from your pain and you'll be an example of God's  love to others ... please, pass this message on!

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Year, A New Name!

Well, God works in interesting and unexpected ways. I have written about this and I'm  now going to give you a personal example...So, here is the bottom line.
On 1 January 2017, I was contacted by someone who explained they have the legal rights to the word Lifestylist and another person has the rights to Lifestyling... in that I had 1,068 people visit this site in one day, I felt I must share this issue with you for two reasons. One being, to let you know that I am, with pleasure, changing the name name of this site, asap. Another, far more important, is what I have spoken of many times... it's the subtle things that happen and can make a difference to keeping all things in perspective...I have always spoken about trust in the Lord, who works in ways that we could not have imagined. That's what happened today. For weeks I have not been happy calling myself a Lifestylist because that's  not my purpose. I was reluctant to make a change, but now I believe the notice I was just given, is God's way of saying "Make the change, it's a good thing".
So, happily, from now on I will be known for now as:
       Deborah Mullan /Creative                             Living
I will change my domain name, as soon as I can...please, stay with me and let this be a reminder that change is good. If you don't create the change, God will do it for you. Don't fight it. Sometimes things seem to come from a bad place, but they are true blessings. As the Word of God says..."  ...fear not , for I am with of good cheer" ! Your greatest opportunities may initially look ominous,  but have Faith! I do and everyday proves to be such a blessing!

Deborah Mullan/ Creative Living Professional
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No Resolutions Needed!

No resolutions! Live life to leave 2017 behind as a better year than 2016, for you and others, because of the choices and changes you make through 2017...nothing unrealistic.
Live for no bandages to anything or anyone, remembering the principle of first fruits, striving to remember humility is needed to be at peace, check pride at the door...and always remember the words of Yeshua that tell you ... what your do to the least of others you do unto me.
 With all the steps you take on your journey this year... Stop when you think you desire something and feel 'oh so powerful' and first say "dear Lord, is this what You want for me?".
Have a wonderful year knowing you can surrender yourself to God knowing He will always be willing to stay at you side,  giving you true  blessings that will enrich your life so much more than anything you can ever wish for through your own will or desire.

Deborah Mullan/ A Creative Living Professional

Motivational Speaker/ Writer Creative Living Consultant