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Thursday, February 25, 2016


"Faith is great...but without Trust, it holds no promise"Deborah Mullan/IvyLane LIFESTYLING

Love is an action...

Love as God loves you: Don't allow your feelings to dictate your action...
Love is made up of actions, not  feelings. Feelings come and go,  love in your heart will never go away.
The percentage of yourself that you share with others also matters. Lots of us have so much, but surrender so little to others. How many of the people you call friend would be there if you needed them? Some won't even connect with a a single note, more less a conversation. How do you react to a friend in need of nothing more than the sound of your them some sense of peace?....True friendship is not about running away, avoiding or doing things at your convenience. Do you call people, just because you care?...Do they call or come to see you, have a simple meal and make a happy memory?  Stay close to those who truley care, from the goodness of their heart....give your best to those you really care about their heart! Shalom.
Deborah Mullan/IvyLane LIFESTYLING
Motivational Speaker and Writer
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

One in God...

We are ONE in God.
I was born a Jew and will die a Jew...Many Christians believe their roots are born and steeped in Jewish tradition and believe in the Oneness God desired. The Apostles knew it and spread the Gospel...Jews whose blinders are removed and the veils have been parted, see the prophecies that are in the Old Testament and also long for the Oneness God desired.
Yeshua(Jesus) is the Messiah..He is the way. Jew and Christian gentiles alike... United in One God.
While there are some diffences in how we may worship ( a personal choice), we still have one common goal. Shalom
Deborah Mecklenburg Mullan

Doing...with intent.

Keep doing, trying impies that you might fail and not "do" it again. Keep doing with the Intension of success. Pray, live, Learn and dream with intent!


You are perfect in God's eyes. Our job is to grow into that perfection.
The great news is that He knows when your intent is to reach that perfection. Shalom