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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Time to relax and enjoy your successes, big and small. Success and happiness are better viewed qualitatively not quantitatively…Time to relax and enjoy your successes, big and small. Success and happiness are better viewed qualitatively not quantitatively…
Time to relax and enjoy your successes, big and small. Success and happiness are better viewed qualitatively not quantitatively…
Be fussy when it comes to what you put in your body!

Don't derail your diet!

I’ve been blogging a lot on health and nutrition and I’m going to carry that theme on for a while longer.
Realize, it’s winter, so special attention should be paid to hydration with all these freezing and dry conditions, but especially in really extreme cold conditions. There are many ways in which you can become dehydrated in the winter. Of course the cold temperatures affect us, in and out of our homes that are low in humidity ( humidifiers help a lot and your skin will thank you). We tend to consume vast quantities of food and drink alcoholic beverages more in winter. Combine all of this with the water we sweat away while exercising, running around in heavy clothing, fluids depleted from medications…well, you need to find ways to rehydrate more than usual!
Here are some suggestions to replenish your poor dehydrated self…😰
Teas: There are wonderful teas that are NOT caffeinated.
Note: Andrew Lessman’s has exceptional teas that contain caffeine AND those that are decaf. His Egyptian Golden Chamomile and Peppermint teas are amazing. You can also enjoy Green teas infused with Jasmine or Earl Grey Green tea. You can buy many other brands of these teas in many stores, but his are not in paper bags or loose, but rather a special wrapping that holds the pure tea. One bag makes a full pot and the Caffeine-Free teas are naturally decafffinated! HSN carries them and they can also be obtained on his website. 
BTW, I’m not telling you not to consume caffeinated tea, but choose those that are elegant green teas that contain EGCG and are beneficial to you.
Rose, Lavender and so many flowers and herb teas can be prepared by YOU. You obtain eatable Rose extract, Lavender buds and so much more. Add boiling water, emmm. Various teas can be used for relief from some minor health issues (check with your physician).
You will begin to really enjoy teas and they won’t make you FAT!
Fruit infusions: Oh, how lovely! Mix your favorite fruit or fruits with pure water or coconut water and enjoy! Serve cold or hot. A truly refreshing and cleansing infusion is cucumber,mint and fresh lemon. Whatever you like…it’s usually do able.
Special infusion containers can be found, but I like the fruit and herbs floating free.
If you are board with your teas, try taking an organic green tea ( I highly recommend Andrew Lessman’s teas. One bag will make 6-8 cups) and adding fresh fruits. One that particularly outstanding is the Earl Grey and add orange slices!
Freshly squeezed Juice: these are great, but diluted them with water. They are often high in sugar, as is Coconut water.
If you are a tea lover, freeze your favorite flavor teas and choose one and add it to your smoothie!
Then, of course: First, Middle, and Always drink plenty of pure plain WATER. 😉Enjoy!
Refined sugars and sugars in general are so delicious and satisfying, but they mess with you, make you feel like you’re hungry and basically cause you to feel tired and run down a short time after they spike in your blood. Sadly, this all happens without you being conscious of what’s happening. Never fear, there are other choices….
Try spices. The brain says ” I’ve been fed and I’m happy”. Cinnamon, is a great one to choose for cereals, coffee and the like because it has a sweet taste to it and it catches your hunger center’s attention. Bake with it, cook with it. Cinnamon goes great with savory. So, use it to your advantage. Cinnamon also helps stabilize blood sugar. Even if you take insulin, everything you can do to lower that blood sugar is helpful. If your not diabetic, you still want your sugar level stabilized as much as possible. Obviously, you don’t want it too low, but if reasonable amounts of this spice drop it to that point …see a doctor!
So, wake up your taste buds, choose sugar alternatives that are not lab made chemicals. Even if that sweet flavor comes from Mother Nature’s kitchen, try to ingest them in moderation. Stevia is a good choice to sweeten food, it’s plant based. If you cook pasta, don’t overlook it, acidic acid based foods like pickles are great to eat…they slow the absorption of glucose. You don’t get sugar spikes, feel satisfied longer and your diet is going to work better for you. 
1.Stay away from refined sugars.
2.Lower your intake of all sugars and
carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are
better choices.

3.Cook carbs so they stay low on the 
Glycemic Index.

4.Spices wake up your taste buds and you
feel satisfied . If you have health issues , check 
What experiments is NASA up to these days?
One of the studies has scientists are focusing on growing strong heathy crops that are viable in microgravity thus providing maximum productivity. They are focusing on cell wall structures with the intent to improve the efficacy of the cell walls of stems etc. to make them more suitable to grow and support healthy plants and improve productivity on long space journeys . Blogged by Deborah Mullan 21 January 2015 #cellwallproteins#cropproduction#microgravity#ISS
Let’s not change our genes!
Recent studies are being carried out by the ISS are focusing on epigentetics. This would involve the study of how expression of genetic information can be modified without altering the functional DNA sequence. They are using Drosophila and worms. This is of utmost importance in understanding how living organisms are acted upon by those conditions encountered during space travel and understanding how each successive generation might be altered. By Deborah Mullan 21January 2015p>#epigenetics#conditionsofspaceflight
 NASA's latest experiments

What's all the fuss about CoQ10?

This coenzyme is required in every living cell in the body. Its chemical name is Ubiquinol, because it’s ubiquitous. This is an electron rich (reduced) coenzyme naturally occurring in all cells and becomes less abundant as we age, experience stress, illness or if we consume certain medications. The brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs that require high energy to function at optimal levels require extremely high concentrations of CoQ10. Why? CoQ10 provides energy for the cells. CoQ10 exists in three redox states: Ubiquinone, which is the fully oxidized state, semiubiquinone and ubiquinol ( the fully reduced state). When a substance is oxidized it undergoes a loss of an electron(s). When it’s reduced, the substance gains an electron(s). 
These are called redox reactions. In this case, cellular energy is produced when two electrons are exchanged in a redox cycle between ubiquinol and ubiquinone. This reaction also provides antioxidant protection to the cell. The mitochondria in cells are full of this coenzyme and thereby produces a powerhouse of energy and protection.
Speak with your physician and he/she can advise you as to whether or not CoQ10 is right for you.
Many elegant and sophisticated clinical studies have recently demonstrated that people who take Glucosamine -Chondroitin for joint pain are buying the form of Glucosamine that is not effective to treat their pain. The form of Glucosamine proven to help the pain is Glucosamine Sulfate. Many companies do not follow the research and choose the cheaper, and less effective form called Glucosamine HCl. This is sad, but true. So read your labels.
Also, look for the Glucosamine Sulfate (usually combined with Chondroitin Sulfate) in an encapsulated fine powder form. These are easily absorbed, as opposed to tablets. Additionally, look for those that are filler, dye and preservative free. Let’s get healthy by being wise! If you are taking Glucosamine -Chondroitin and not getting relief…check that label. By D. L. Mullan
Every 28th of January, NASA marks the remembrance of the Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia disasters and the mission crews… As well as remembering all those special people who lost their lives working on any NASA project. They died doing what they loved and believed in so very much. We thank their families and acknowledge their tremendous loss..
Let us pause and remember the brave souls who lost their lives in service to their country.🌹🇺🇸

No matter what your family is like or if life has or has not given you a “break”… who and what you become is a function of CHARACTER. D.Mullan
Your character often makes a big difference in your life and how people percieve you…
Avocado heaven!! It’s a rather bland fruit…but oh, what you can do with this fruit that will make you want to eat them at every meal… Some suggestions: 1. Eat plain 2. Add fresh lemon or lime juice. If the fruit sits for a time , this will keep it from turning dark. 3. Add freshly made dressing. You can add herbs such as mint, tarragon, rosemary, garlic, onion, dill…you get the idea? 4. Add honey mustard to above or just add the mustard alone. 5. STAY AWAY FROM BOTTLED DRESSING! 6. Mash it 7. Use the mash to make guacamole, season to taste with fresh ingredients. Eat as dip or add to a salad. 8. Melt cheese and herbs etc. over the fruit. 9. Add other seasoned veggies raw or sautéed…combinations are limitless. 10. Add tuna, chicken salads, cheese optional 11. Add slices or spread it on toast with seasonings, fresh! Cheese optional, tomato, turkey bacon heat …have this for BREAKFAST, LUNCH or DINNER ! 12. Put it in a blender, add Tofu with veggies and or fruit. Do you get the idea? You can even garnish a plate with it, but eat them (always check with your doctor if you have dietary restrictions). ENJOY! ;))
Things you should know about LUPUS:
God Bless Our Family
Please let Us realize You are with Us always because We come from you. We are Loved and the Universe is Our Home. We are One…We are safe and We cannot make a mistake when We are One with You. We ask for Clarity. May we see Contrast and know Your WILL, enabling Us to do that which brings Us closer to You, to know Peace beyond all understanding and the feel Your Healing Presents….Bless my Mom and Dad…My Grandmothers an Granfathers and Everyone else …everywhere! I am a reflection of You. I love You and therefore, I love Myself. Thank You for all Your gifts. I am Greatful for everything you provide. AMEN Avery💜 (My grandson)