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Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Do You Think?

This statement is my reaction to a post(shown at bottom of my response)
I hope my endeavor to make the following statement and observations will clarify my point. If not...that's fine too.
How are you  defining the parameters and comonents of weak and strong, as there are many ways they may be precieved in any situation? I believe cruel is cruel and it can come from those weak or strong.
Your premise would not hold in many circumstances. For  example, many stars seem strong, bright, beautiful ... so lovely and alive, so beautifully luminous, but in reality, they are just reflecting UV light and are, in truth, collapsing to their death, at that moment. Everything  in them is being or will be crushed. Therefore , they are contrary to what they appear (powerful, strong, pleasant).  Demonstrating that space time singularity, is only true until you look deeper into Dr. Einstein's theory. Do the math and you may see the flaws in  this possibly false conclusion Hawking radiation.. eventually, the end results  is a powerful  misinterpretation of a massive nasty, violent eventuality. Nothing really is what it is seems in any given moment. The is no lasting one small, elegant equation or statement that can be plugged into a situation and used to reach a conclusionary truth about anything or anyone.
 Deborah Mullan