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Saturday, March 14, 2015

NASA, What's up?

Finally, conformation of data...what function does this water play on these moons , Jupiter and more?...water is everywhere! We know the important role water plays on earth...but what about 
elsewhere in the solar system? #stabilization#lifeforms

Just for fun!

This isn't hard, just enjoy figuring it out...😉
Just joking, but it's true...


Yes, it's pi day!  However, this one you can eat...

To make this health treat...

Use one pie crust (or cookie dough, but that not low anything) roll it out and bake as directed. Don't forget to dock it or it will bubble on you.
Top with well drained Greek yogurt in the flavor of you choice. I like to use plain Greek yogurt and I put in fresh berries that I have cooked down and sweetened with Stevia. Mash the berries and put them in the yogurt. Mix well.
Use fresh fruit to cover the top...make some great arrangement with the fruits of you choice.
Melt jelly ( in the flavor of your choice) or use a gelatin to top your fruit pizza! It's great snacking or dessert.