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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Between Two Gardens

Enjoy your life between two gardens ... you choose and create how you live your life. Be brave, stay present and remember...don't eat that apple, no matter what others may tell you. Fix you gaze on the tree of life!
            Deborah Mullan/A                   Creative Living                       Professional

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What Message Are We Leaving Our Children?

Listen carefully to the song titled
'What's Forever For'...
This song speaks directly to the issue of divorce, but if you think about it, it's also about love and our relationship to others... that includes our family, friends, society, our country and the rest of the world. If we don't have the love, respect and desire to try to understand others and work out our differences, then we have nothing to move forward with, to hope for and give purpose to our lives. It's a choice to live greatfully and respectfully. Life doesn't need to be an ex parte party of one,  passing judgment  from the point of view of your pain, your perspective and your needs. People, we appear to be doing very little... calm down and be party to a solution to this unrest and our differences (be they personal or or social). Think about it. What does this all say about our ourselves? What is this teaching our children? What kind of future are we leaving them?

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Soak In His Mercy and Grace

Bringing some heaven to your's been gifted to you. Reach out and take it.
We get so wrapped up in our own little world...don't forget to open your eyes, mind and heart to the beauty and strength that God's grace and mercy surrounds us with everyday. Quiet yourself and talk and walk with Him.
Recall Psalm 62. Soak yourself in the
goodness of Father God...
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What Do You Do?

What do you do... when pain and feelings of helplessness overtake you from: sickness, debt you believe you can't find a way  to control, children who are going through illnesses and troubles of their own, the sadness you feel when your grandchildren (your joy) are far away from you, the job you need keeps alluding you....and on and on.
Well, you are not alone in this world. So many people suffer silently, believing there is no way out and things are only getting worse, never better. Honestly,  sometimes it seems to defy reason to believe anything other than what you see and hear with your own eyes and ears.
At times, you may find believing and trusting anything but what your senses tell you is delusional.  So, what DO you do?
Yes, you need to find your own strength and that can be challenging to do. This may take time, but believe me, if you are paying attention, you will start recognizing things and people that around you that are positive and uplifting.  No, this alone won't solve your problems.  However, if you begin by starting to find some joy from seemingly  inconsiquencial events and people and keep your faith in a power higher than yourself, you will begin to build a bridge...I call that bridge HOPE. Understand that biblically the word hope is not a wishing for the impossible or improbable. Biblical use of the word hope has  intension in it with the full expectation of a bountiful harvest for your needs. It's faith that gives you hope and that hope gives you the strength to deal with what you must do to resolve the soul wrenching issues in your life. Remember, this takes time and a large amount of introspection...not to mention intestinal fortitude. Then, my friends, you put your trust in God. Yes, he's there in your life, but you will never truly understand this until you open yourself up to the surrender, awareness, faith and hope, that I have previously discussed.
Will you feel uneasy at times? Yes, you will. Will you question yourself and sanity at first? Yes, you will. Yet, as time goes by, you will become aware of all the blessings He has bestowed you with and the great number of miracles He has done in your life. Then, your understanding and trust in Him will grow.
Things are never hopeless. It's the rock on which you stand  and your perspective that will enable you to walk, by His grace and mercy, through your journey of life. We will never consistently sidestep life's problems,  but we can live life with the expectation of happiness and abundance. We are in this world, but not of it. We are the Lord's children. The Bible reminds us often of God's promises. He wills us
health, happiness and abundance. Are ready to recieve God's gifts to you?
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

Sunday, September 16, 2018

What To Do With Tomorrow...

Photo credit by Terri Seville

You have the promise of  tomorrow...what will you do with it? Make it count!  One breath at a time, one day at a time. You may  be in the the middle of a great miracle, right now. One of those "suddenly" moments that you don't know is coming... God Bless and keep you.
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Monday, August 6, 2018

Life's Moments Linger

So delicate and beautiful are these gifts from nature...these blossoms burst into existence in one sudden moment of time. At first, you may not notice them, but their fragrance is so sweet, you can't stop yourself from turning and looking in their direction. Even though, these delightful visions begin to fade away so very quickly, the memory of them and the sweet notes they struck linger with you.
Be sure to look around you and drink in each and every luscious moment life has to offer you, let nothing pass you by...Deborah Mullan

Photo: property of Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional
Creative Gardens
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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Benefits Of Farm to Table Living

I encourage you to enjoy the fresh fruits and  vegetables from your local farmers. You will save money and provide your family with fresh healthy foods. You can enjoy these fruits and veggies all year long by freezing and/or canning them. The joys of homemade jams, jellies and sauces all year...delightful. Get together with family and friends to prepare them! Consume them or gift them. I assure you, they will be much appreciated.
Provide your family and friends a little summer sunshine during the long winter months!
During the summer months, you can even dress up your table with fresh flowers from the garden... yes, some can be eaten in salads, used as garnish or sauteed with cheeses and/or herbs!
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional 

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The Beauty Of Succulents


Never underestimate the beauty of succulents and
how little you must do to realize a beautiful landscape in and around your home. Succulents need little water and add a beautiful addition to the extremely sunny and dry areas around your home!
They are fun to work with and the design possibilities are endless...try them, you may find you love them as much as I do.

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional
Owner and Creative Director of:

Creative Gardens
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pesto And Tacos?

YES! : You will need 3 bowls: one for refried vegetarian beans, another for diced red or orange sweet pepper, cilantro,  tomatoes (well drained), and your favorite hot peppers(optional).  In the third bowl, add homemade
pesto sauce, that is very lemony, cheesy, chunky and creamy to cooked spinach (well drained).  For optional added nutrition, add a sprinkle of nutritional yeast...
Assemble your tacos as desired...they are delicious!
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From the kitchen of:
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

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Creative Gardens Farm, LLC  and
Ivylane CoCreative Living, LLC

SUMMER Pasta Dinner!

Deborah Mullan

Ivylane CoCreative Living, LLC
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What Is Abundant In Your Heart?

Summertime Meals, Quick And Easy

Remember, a quick dinner can be so healthy and filling!
Use your favorite quiche recipe. Add your favorite farm fesh veggies, herbs, spices and cheeses. Top with  nutritional yeast and bake!
It's delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Remember, keep it healthy and easy for the summer. Enjoy!
For toppings, try:
sour cream,  avocado or more cheese (vegan cheeses work well to).
Garden to table!
From the kitchen of Deborah Mullan/A Creative LivingProfessional
Owner and creative director of:

Creative Gardens Farm, LLC

Ivylane CoCreative Living, LLC
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Through Him, You Create

What do you hold in your hands?
Everything you create or will create has the potential to be held in your hands and shaped into something for all humanity, through the Lord. Reach into the depths of your soul and touch that which restlessly lies deep in your heart. Manifest what you touch, what you hold, what you hold to be true, and all that God wills for you... create it, receive it! Magnificent! Not the common, nor ordinary thoughts or actions that give rise to discourse, but  that which closes the distance between you and an eternal Source. That which fills all that is perceived as lacking or empty. What DO DOU hold in your hands? Deborah Mullan⚘@ Ivylane Co
  Creative Living, LLC

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Here's The Good News!

Breaking Free!

Break the bonds that bind you. You are not a hostage to your feelings, other people's opinions of you, your past or your circumstances. It takes work, awareness and faith, but you can know a happier and more fulfilling life.
Go for your dreams and grow...fearlessly! You're free, you're not in darkness! Let in the truth and light. Stay in the Lord's word.
Have a beautiful day!
Deborah Mullan ⚘🌱⚘

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Genius Of Simplicity!

Who are you?

Do you know who you are and can become?

If you feel weak, hateful  fearful, envious or sad, judgemental  and/or lonely, then perhaps you might wish to meditate on this...

When YOU invite the Holy Spirit to live in your heart, YOU are not only forgiven, for that already happened at the cross. Know that when God lives in YOU, YOU are not only reborn, understand YOU are now RECREATED by His love.   Walk in His word and know His joy, for YOU are loved by your Father God as much as He loved His Son, Jesus! YOU have faith which  comes from knowing His love...YOU are a spirit choosing to be perfected by the love of God. YOU are free of bondage, from sin. YOU are loved, created,  blessed and made whole in  God.
Think about who YOU really are...
May the grace  of God be with you, always.
Deborah Mullan

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Keep Digging!

The Water To Quech Your Thirst For Your Pain Is Just A Little Further Down, Just Out Of Site...Keep Digging!

Remember, #paindoesnotneedtobeforever#painspeaksloudly.
If you're in pain, try to dig deeper into that pain and learn as much as you can about the pain you're feeling. Pain is #preparation and makes us stronger. Our hearing gets more acute when we are in pain, so pay attention. We grow and can handle more
of life's challenges by dealing with pain. Don't run from pain, that accomplishes nothing.
So, what about people who don't express or deal with pain or even deny it, be it their pain or the pain of others? Are you one of those people? Then dig deeper. Through pain we learn and receive Grace.
Always keep digging can't change others, but you can give them the strength to acknowledge their pain and move foreward...dig deeper!
When things are unjust, unkind and causing pain...we all need to dig deeper and bring about change. One united voice can change our world, but denying yourself or others peace and justice gets us nowhere...dig deeper. We will all get stronger, if we do. Dig past the hate, bitterness or other things that bring you and others pain and result in injustice. Let the Dutamis flow!
Deborah Mullan/ A Creative Living Professional

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Understanding Distress

   Self centered=
   Envy = Weakness...
These things
Lead to confusion
and distress in your
life. Choose to walk in
the Love of God, it's actually proof of your strength. Overcoming
these conflicts, that operate against you, is
accomplished in the spirit, not the flesh. Who or what are you really accountable to? If your answer is ... to matters of the flesh and earthly material things than you will find obstacles to happiness and contentment at every turn in your life.
Deborah Mullan

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Motivational and Inspirational Professional,
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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Season Of Great Change In Your Life

As you know, we all go through seasons in our lives.
Some transitions, to a new season, can be horrifyingly scary. They can leave you without a clue how to embrace the new circumstances that you are about to encounter. The happy unborn bird would like to stay in it's shell, but if it does not birth itself into a new way of will die. It will never know the nest and ensuing freedom about to come. You may be in a place where you are feeling terrified, depressed and lost... Look around you.  See your blessings, they are there. Stay tightly connected to the roots that have nourished you in the past and not to a life that used to be. Please don't give up and wollow in what was. You are alive! So, walk forward in this unfamiliar life that is "now" . Have faith and hope. Look around you and really explore your life's new dimension...and with an open heart, like that little frightened bird, take flight. Do it with the courage that comes from your roots that have grown deep and have always nourished you. THEY are your anchor.
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Take Aim And Dream Big!

Think about it! Proverb 27 tells us, to keep your eye on your visions(dreams). Make your dreams and goals big! Don't be afraid to add a healthy dose of your imagination to those dreams too. Oh yes, when you take aim at your dreams and goals, don't share it with small minded people! That will end up sucking the Faith and happiness right out of you. In addition, that will turn your dreams into a passing thoughts...
One more thing, think "now", never say someday.  That is not definitive enough. Someday is today! Now go and use your imagination, dream and make a plan that you keep in your sight. It would be wise to actually right it down. This gives you a reminder and makes it easier to keep your dream clear in your mind. To aid you on your epic "dream in biblical proportion"  journey, I encourage you to visit Terri Sevelle Foy's website, for wonderful tools ( books and journals) to keep you on the right track!
Deborah Mullan⚘
A Creative Living Professional

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Faith And Your Circumstances

Our Faith defines our circumstance. Don't play games with the Grace of God. How do people play these games?
Well, some people are often double minded without knowing they are believing one thing and saying or doing another. This includes speaking hurtful or unfounded things about people ... basically, you're talking behind someone's back...founded or unfounded words(truth or untruths). If you are honest with yourself, you will know when the Word of God and your thoughts and actions don't pair up. HENCE, your faith becomes a deal you try to make with God. Faith comes by knowing His Word and promises, then acting accordinly. So, if you wish to know the Grace of God, follow and live in keeping with His Word. God wants you to know and have His blessings. They have  already been granted to you, at the cross  Remember, the Lord doesn't grant you His grace automatically because you run around doing good things, for His blessings. We do for others because we wish, as the Lord does, to see people have happiness and joy in accordance with the Word of our Father. If you are double bueno! So, be wise. The circumstances in your life will improve, exponentially, when you alter your behavior and walk in a Faith that's honest and true to His Word. So, please seek to walk in Faith ... don't worry about constant clarity of mind, because you can see clearly by walking in Faith. Please, avoid thoughts and behavior that are inconsistent. You are not fooling God. You're  only depriving yourself of a world of true peace and joy. 

Deborah Mullan

YOU Are A Unique Creation

Taking Things Seriously

Our Faith defines our circumstance. Don't play games with the Grace of God ... 

Deborah Mullan


Are you excited and grateful for waking up today...hmm?
Deborah Mullan

Monday, January 15, 2018

The People That Surround You

"Flesh people" feed your fear, further producing  disappoints by their words and actions. Their words are poison...Faith people" feed your purpose with the Word of God, to provide you with a meaningful life that overcomes the problems of this world. The Word says you were born blessed. Have Faith in
in the Grace of God. Speak the promises of what happens.
SEE: DEUTERONOMY: 28, it speaks of these blessings.
Speak these blessings
into existence in your life! 
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional Professional

Accept His Blessings

"Flesh people" feed your      fear and resulting disappoints with their words and actions. Their words are poison...Faith people" feed your purpose with the Word of God, to provide you with a meaningful life that overcomes the problems of the world. You were born blessed. Have Faith in
in the Grace of God. Speak the promises of what happens.
SEE: DEUTERONOMY: 28, it speaks of these blessings.
Speak these blessing into existence in your life! 
Deborah Mullan

Sunday, January 14, 2018


When you trip, lose your balance or fall in life... love yourself and life enough to try again...
#selfjourney #selftrust #selflove
#nojudgement #personalbest

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Exercise? WHY?

Some folks have a hard time starting an exercise routine, but when they see the health benefits, they are glad they did. There are other people who keep putting off engaging in an exercise regime. Either way, their bodies suffer, as well as their overall quality of life.
If you are one of these people, I encourage you to seek ways to include an exercise plan into your lifestyle and stick to it! If you need to explore the various ways to become motivated to exercise and maintain a healthy exercise regimine, that's right for you , please do it...see hashtags for the reasons. You'll be glad you did. The choices we make  today, helps to shape our tomorrow!  Remember to consult your physician before partaking in any exersice plan.
#increaseoxygen perfusion#appititecontrol#reduceinflammation#feelinggreat

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


 Don't wait for the universe to clarify and explain itself and its purpose, along with your life's goals and purpose, to you.  Live your life and fulfill your obligations to others and yourself. That will be plenty to keep you occupied and satified. Take your responsibilities very seriously!
DeborahMullan/ A Creative Living Professional Professional

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Who's Got The Power?


Dealing With Uncertainty

It seems clear to me that you can embrace uncertainty and utilize the  potential you have or allow uncertainty to rob you of your peace of mind thereby miss the opportunities that come your way
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional