No Resolution Needed!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fresh lemon juice, diluted with a little water, raw sugar and cayenne pepper…it’s a great start to your day or anytime you need a boost. It’s a great way to get some vitamin C, decrease inflammation and aid circulation. Nothing is a miracle solution to anything, but it really makes a difference for me. If you have digestive issues be careful and don’t overdo.#feelbetter
Feeling better. Flare ups happen with autoimmune diseases… Great to see them start to pass…
Staying healthy means eating healthy… Choose what you eat and prepare it carefully!
Time to relax and enjoy your successes, big and small. Success and happiness are better viewed qualitatively not quantitatively…
Be fussy when it comes to what you put in your body!
Protein can be obtained from a number of sources. We tend to get all wrapped with antioxidants etc. and forget forms of proteins that we eat with those lovely veggies and fruits… Yes, we all like those juicy steaks, burgers, bacon and roasts, but…explore other sources. Let’s face it…we tend to favor carbs and fat, just give yourself a chance to see how much better you feel with wiser food choices. #goodfood#eatingwise#healtyeating

No matter what your family is like or if life has or has not given you a “break”… who and what you become is a function of CHARACTER. D.Mullan
Your character often makes a big difference in your life and how people percieve you…