No Resolution Needed!

Friday, September 29, 2023

New Choices!

To have a long lovely driveway is very nice and , of course,  it takes you to a road… A road that you have been acquainted with for quite some time. You may be at a point in your life when you need to use that road to get somewhere you’ve never gone before. Thinking about getting to a needed destination, are you confused, nervous? So, do you want to forget the whole idea of getting to a place you have never been before, a place you really need to get to? When you get to the end of that driveway, I hope you have made some decisive decisions. I trust you can follow the flexible plans you made and you’ve spoken to the right people who have been there before you…

This is where you must be attentive to what your gut, your heart and head are telling you. The particular action you take could have you sitting at the end of that driveway forever, but that will get you nowhere. Understand that all of the input from the knowledge and feelings you have can be overwhelming, but you can use your creativity to design a pathway for you. Think about it… when you get that gut feeling, you must act on something, you feel it! If it’s telling you to change your direction, speed up or slow down… and you’ve never been in a situation like this… your going to need to get creative and make some fast decisions…

Start listing to what your body and mind are telling you and get creative with the decisions you are making, you are never “stuck”. Life can only get better when you spread you wings and head to a destination in a way you have never attempted before! I promise you that you’ll learn things that you never thought possible!

Oh yes, you must remember that your faith and trust in God will be the wind rushing over your wings to lift you up and then you can trust your choices. You will not be afraid and will be assured that you will be fine!

Deborah Mullan/ A Creative Living Professional

Photo credit: D. Mullan