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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Soul Searching Reflections

Notre Dame...
I feel deeply moved and deeply reflective as I watch the consumption of such a holy cathedral.  She is a statement of mankind's endeavor to understand this world and lend to its beauty  and culture.  I feel oddly still as I watch Her, quietly disappearing before my eyes,  However, I also feel a peaceful joy and hope, as I look forward to Her rebirth...
All of the history and human struggles (religious,civil, philosophical), the human triumph reflected in so many forms of artistic creations and beauty/tragedy of human nature was expressed in and outside of Her walls. I do not believe that any  history  regarding human nature and human condition or creativity have been lost in the intense consuming flames that took the body of what was a beautiful and powerful reminder of who we are and where we came from. Now, with intact memories of the past, we move forward into our future. We will now, seamlessly, create anew and meld our presence with the past.
Mary, of seat of wisdom, pray for us. Amen 

Deborah Mullan / Creative Living Professional 
Owner and creator of:
Ivylane CoCreative Living,LLC