No Resolution Needed!

Monday, May 22, 2017

At Any Moment Things Can Change..Be Prepared!

At any moment our life can change. Be prepared for these moments by having your faith, perspectives and a support system in place. You will want these firmly in place, before life deals you a severe blow. Does God know the sound of your voice? Is He the first one you speak to for support? Are your affairs in order? Are your friends, prayer group and other means of support in place? Are YOU prepared to step up for the people who might need your support, at any given moment?
Gerry and I will still go forward with our endeavors to bring helpful information and creative ideas to you... He is looking forward to it. We are just greatful that he is still here to do so.
God Bless You All. Thank you to all who lifted him up in prayer and made it possible for me to be present with my husband during this challenging and frightening time in our lives. Xx Deborah