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Thursday, December 7, 2017

How Will I Know If I Rest In God?

Resting in God...
Opening yourself to His Grace by your Faith is the starting point.
If you do
what you must, in a still peaceful place, free of the worry that brings stress and confuses you, allow youself to open to God's work in your life. All that worry and strife allows forces to keep you in bondage. Remember,  when you are being attack by these forces, they don't  just waltz into your mind and heart, you are letting them in. So, remove them. Strive to remain in the peace that is in His word. Hear what is needed from you, so He can work in your life. This is an active process, but you rest from tension and worry. It's important that you understand that you are not "taking an inactive nap" during stressful moments in your life...You're freeing yourself to clearly and effectively work with the blessings God wishes for you. Faith plays the biggest role in allowing His will to come forward and be expressed in troubled times and good times. His blessings are and receive them. Please, don't get in your own way. Stay in His word and remember His promises to you.

May the blessings and Shalom of the Lord be with you always. Deborah

Are You Escalating Drama?

Think about it this way...your future [happiness] always depends on how you react to things in the present. It's what you do or don't do, in any moment, that matters. Also, your intentions, good or bad, don't help any situation. It's what you actually say and do that really matters. Do nothing that adds to more "drama", surrounding  any situation. Focus on honesty and seek clarity. In addition, stop endlessly repeating  each blow by blow event of any situation. Nobody likes problems  and nobody benefits from escalating the drama caused by any problem by constant repetition and chatter!
Deborah Mullan