No Resolution Needed!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pride...keeps you stuck!

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck. We sometimes become aware something in our life isn't right, for a multitude of reasons. You're in trouble, things are coming down around our heads...theatening us, our family or being...
Don't be afraid to reach out. You won't fall.
Have faith and know it's the object of your faith that calms our fears. Place the weight of your fear on God...your Source. When someone puts out a hand, don't question or be too proud to accept the help. One day you will turn and put out a hand to another.
It's ok to be's how we put ourselves back together that matters. Usually, we are better off doing all we can, but also accepting the help of others and our faith. Staying in a state of Grace to give AND receive will open doors that you might see as closed. If not for others (help) that Source(God) has sent your way, you are closing the door to abundance. Don't be afraid when those bridges burn behind all means, thank the Universe for making it impossible to return to that which gave you pain, denied you of self respect, your ability to create a life full of all things good and abundant. Alignment with your Source sometimes reqires you accept that which is offered to you from those people or resources that has been sent to you...
Pride will be of no service to you, you are not that strong standing alone. Stand in the faith that the Universe is standing with you.
We don't and won't let others walk through the darkness alone. Let the Source shine its light upon you and light your way...Deborah