No Resolution Needed!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Creativity Process

There is no mystery in the art of being "creative". It is all a matter of hooking up the

thoughts and basic input from different parts of your brain to resolve a question or issue

in your life. You generally know what you have stored in you brain (reflection) or you can add

more information by doing simple research. You also have feelings attached to those thoughts

and experiences...creativity is a process of putting all these things together with a paradigm shift

(looking at things from a different perspective). Yes, now you have a new way of looking at

an issue and reacting to that issue in a new, healthy and well thought out way. People say that

things are not as bad as they seem and often that is the truth... because you are only holding one

perspective on the situation. We grow as we learn to become open to new ideas and by putting

what we know and feel about a situation in a new light, a new order or basically becoming less

reactive to our previous beliefs. Simply put; each thought, feeling or idea is now being factored

into a solution differently because your priorities are changing and being revalued. Haven't you

heard people say " well, look at it this way" or "have you ever considered...". Well, they have

considered the situation from their unique perspective. You can learn to do this, with a little

practice, for yourself. When you are feeling confused or uneasy about something, try  re-

prioritizing each factor in the issue and stand back, in a nonreactive way and ascertain if that

makes sense and how it feels to you. Chances are you have been giving certain thoughts

or feelings too much value and that is not feeling good to you and makes you upset or confused.

In summary, reevaluating a situation and your options will start you on a new path of not

becoming hostage to old thoughts and feeling that have kept you stuck. Change your habits

(thoughts), change your life... You must be willing to do the work of evaluating and reevaluating

old habits, thoughts and feelings. It takes time, but you will see changes in the effectiveness of your

new way of being and dealing with issues in your life.  I wish you well as you grow into the

content person who doesn't feel like life is a raw deal and your options are limited or nonexistent.

You are unique and deserve the best life possible...go for it! Oh yes, that reminds me to speak about

fear. Please, don't let fear detour you from getting the best out of your life. We all flub up and need

to start again and that's an important part of the creative process...don't be afraid to fall on your face,

because you will become more resilient each time you get up and try again!

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

Don't Suffer With Dry Eyes

From Gerald J Mullan, MD                                                                               

Let us take a brief look at DRY EYES…

Understand that “dry eye” is a disease state that results from various causes. Let us take a look at those causes...
Please note, for some people, the symptoms of burning, itchy, red eyes with blurry vision appears to come out of the blue or can result from an infection of the eyelids. In these cases, treating the eyelid infection, just getting out of the sun, wind or heat and wearing your glasses and sunglasses will ease the discomfort. HOWEVER, if you are constantly battling this condition you must see your ophthalmologist.

Pay attention if:

1.       Your eyes often become red, itchy and painful when they are exposed to wind, forced hot air, light and pronged exposure to TV and computer screens. Yes, this includes the use of mobile phones!
2.       Difficulty wearing eye makeup or products that are applied near the delicate eye tissue.
3.       Your eyes become painful when wearing contacts for short periods of time.
4.       You have periods of excessive tearing when your eyes are dry, sore and red.
5.       You have a history of allergies or suffer from an autoimmune disease, e.g. rosacea, pink eye, Sjogren’s syndrome… just to name a few.

If you have observed any of these issues that result in dry sore eyes, be sure to tell your eye doctor.
Feel free to consult with Dr. Mullan by calling the Eye Clinic: 248 691 4312 or 248 299 3937
We look forward to helping you with ALL YOUR EYE CARE NEEDS!

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional