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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Support research... walk, take a challenge to raise funds... Become informed!

Such joy in fresh foods! How do I store them?

Culinary must knows when storing fresh food...
What don't I  freeze? Coffee, anything in a can (unless it came that way like juice), eggs and fresh herbs. However, you can put fresh herbs in oil,in ice trays...stick in freezer. Fresh pesto can be made in late summer and stored for the winter, if you COVER it with  extra virgin olive oil! Soooo good all through the cold months!

Is this lemon, lime or oranges still eatable?
A dark patch not penetrating the's ok. It's called tree rub. When lemons hang in groups on a tree, they can bruise. It's called limb rub. If thrE is a little dark spot...
and it is penetrating the fruit, in the trash bin it goes.
Lemons, limes or oranges that have been zested...wrap in a damp paper towel. Store in fridge or store in freezer bag and store for weeks in freezer.

Garlic? Stored garlic in fridge or on counter in cool dry place...will last days to weeks, but if they sprout, just cut the spouting area out because it's bitter or plant it. In the freezer they can last months. It's best if the cloves are separated.

Fresh ginger root...cut it in slices and store in freezer...enjoy for months. Keeping fresh ginger in the pantry, it will only last two to three days. If the ginger has mold that's penetrated the the bin it goes.

Olives...there are two kinds of white spots. One is fat and will disappear at room temperature. It the spots don't disappear, it's mold so in the bin it goes.

Eggs...sink or float? Sinking eggs are generally good. Floaters go in the bin.              

You need to depend on your Nose Always!

When there's just a little left, use it!  Cheese rinds, sour cream, butter milk left overs...and more!
Put them in soups, top a pizza, use in smoothies!

Sour cream, cottage cheese, butter milk, bites of cheeses or cheese rinds...if it passes the nose test...use them, BEFORE the last goes bad.