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Monday, July 31, 2017

About Your Plastic Surgery...

Well, this would be a nightmare...
Actually, it's a serious matter. Make sure you have a great surgeon before you embark on a journey for cosmetic surgery...ask questions like... How many of these operations have you done? How long have you been doing this type cosmetic surgery? Where were you trained? Have you done a general surgery residency as well as one in plastic surgery?  Show me lots pictures of your work? Don't be afraid to ask serious questions...if they are offended or not forthcoming...find the door and use it!
Seriously, too many physicians and oral surgeons don't have the experience and credentials they (you) need to get the best results. A good plastic surgeon will be confident, but very honest. There are no promises of perfection in this line of work. They will discuss the pros and cons...Be wise!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

God Bless You Charlie Gard

Dearest Charlie Gard, you will rest in peace sweet baby. I will never understand why this happened to you, but know that you have moved our hearts and made us question so much. Hopefully,  your struggle will give life to another child, yet to be born.
Your Spirit is and will stay with God, but your valuable life's  essence will stay with us forever.  My heart breaks for those who will have to  live with their decision. My heart aches for your parents who must live with the decision , but know the Lord will get them through this and you will all be together again, in God's time.⚘
Deborah Mullan

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stop the Yulin Dog Festival!

Please, be aware of this ignorant, horrifying event! It's called the Yulin dog festival. Dogs are suffering by being severely treated and then eaten by the people that do this to these precious animals. They do it because they believe the dogs

suffering  makes their meat tender and when eaten it makes them more virile.  It's  sick! You can find information on the ways to protest this outrageous event by looking on the internet, including on Instagram @lisavanderpump. The pictures you see here are rescue workers who work to get these poor dogs and get them to safety, then render treatment to them. Thank you,

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Who Or What Is Your Foundation?

Lord, I ask you for the grace to handle the challenges in my life.. see Romans 5:21.
Delegate...the Lord loves to walk with you and loves to have you give Him your problems, but you must hold yourself responsible for building on that foundation, which He gave you.(Mathew 25: 13-40).
Be fruitful with what you have, then God will trust you with more.
A reflection from
Deborah Mullan/ A Creative Living Professional

Who's village do you trust?

It takes a village to raise a child...
What village is raising your child?
Make your choices very carefully.
Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional