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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Faith And Your Circumstances

Our Faith defines our circumstance. Don't play games with the Grace of God. How do people play these games?
Well, some people are often double minded without knowing they are believing one thing and saying or doing another. This includes speaking hurtful or unfounded things about people ... basically, you're talking behind someone's back...founded or unfounded words(truth or untruths). If you are honest with yourself, you will know when the Word of God and your thoughts and actions don't pair up. HENCE, your faith becomes a deal you try to make with God. Faith comes by knowing His Word and promises, then acting accordinly. So, if you wish to know the Grace of God, follow and live in keeping with His Word. God wants you to know and have His blessings. They have  already been granted to you, at the cross  Remember, the Lord doesn't grant you His grace automatically because you run around doing good things, for His blessings. We do for others because we wish, as the Lord does, to see people have happiness and joy in accordance with the Word of our Father. If you are double bueno! So, be wise. The circumstances in your life will improve, exponentially, when you alter your behavior and walk in a Faith that's honest and true to His Word. So, please seek to walk in Faith ... don't worry about constant clarity of mind, because you can see clearly by walking in Faith. Please, avoid thoughts and behavior that are inconsistent. You are not fooling God. You're  only depriving yourself of a world of true peace and joy. 

Deborah Mullan

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