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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Refined sugars and sugars in general are so delicious and satisfying, but they mess with you, make you feel like you’re hungry and basically cause you to feel tired and run down a short time after they spike in your blood. Sadly, this all happens without you being conscious of what’s happening. Never fear, there are other choices….
Try spices. The brain says ” I’ve been fed and I’m happy”. Cinnamon, is a great one to choose for cereals, coffee and the like because it has a sweet taste to it and it catches your hunger center’s attention. Bake with it, cook with it. Cinnamon goes great with savory. So, use it to your advantage. Cinnamon also helps stabilize blood sugar. Even if you take insulin, everything you can do to lower that blood sugar is helpful. If your not diabetic, you still want your sugar level stabilized as much as possible. Obviously, you don’t want it too low, but if reasonable amounts of this spice drop it to that point …see a doctor!
So, wake up your taste buds, choose sugar alternatives that are not lab made chemicals. Even if that sweet flavor comes from Mother Nature’s kitchen, try to ingest them in moderation. Stevia is a good choice to sweeten food, it’s plant based. If you cook pasta, don’t overlook it, acidic acid based foods like pickles are great to eat…they slow the absorption of glucose. You don’t get sugar spikes, feel satisfied longer and your diet is going to work better for you. 
1.Stay away from refined sugars.
2.Lower your intake of all sugars and
carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are
better choices.

3.Cook carbs so they stay low on the 
Glycemic Index.

4.Spices wake up your taste buds and you
feel satisfied . If you have health issues , check 

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