I’ve been blogging a lot on health and nutrition and I’m going to carry that theme on for a while longer.
Realize, it’s winter, so special attention should be paid to hydration with all these freezing and dry conditions, but especially in really extreme cold conditions. There are many ways in which you can become dehydrated in the winter. Of course the cold temperatures affect us, in and out of our homes that are low in humidity ( humidifiers help a lot and your skin will thank you). We tend to consume vast quantities of food and drink alcoholic beverages more in winter. Combine all of this with the water we sweat away while exercising, running around in heavy clothing, fluids depleted from medications…well, you need to find ways to rehydrate more than usual!
Here are some suggestions to replenish your poor dehydrated self…😰
Teas: There are wonderful teas that are NOT caffeinated.
Note: Andrew Lessman’s has exceptional teas that contain caffeine AND those that are decaf. His Egyptian Golden Chamomile and Peppermint teas are amazing. You can also enjoy Green teas infused with Jasmine or Earl Grey Green tea. You can buy many other brands of these teas in many stores, but his are not in paper bags or loose, but rather a special wrapping that holds the pure tea. One bag makes a full pot and the Caffeine-Free teas are naturally decafffinated! HSN carries them and they can also be obtained on his website. 
BTW, I’m not telling you not to consume caffeinated tea, but choose those that are elegant green teas that contain EGCG and are beneficial to you.
Rose, Lavender and so many flowers and herb teas can be prepared by YOU. You obtain eatable Rose extract, Lavender buds and so much more. Add boiling water, emmm. Various teas can be used for relief from some minor health issues (check with your physician).
You will begin to really enjoy teas and they won’t make you FAT!
Fruit infusions: Oh, how lovely! Mix your favorite fruit or fruits with pure water or coconut water and enjoy! Serve cold or hot. A truly refreshing and cleansing infusion is cucumber,mint and fresh lemon. Whatever you like…it’s usually do able.
Special infusion containers can be found, but I like the fruit and herbs floating free.
If you are board with your teas, try taking an organic green tea ( I highly recommend Andrew Lessman’s teas. One bag will make 6-8 cups) and adding fresh fruits. One that particularly outstanding is the Earl Grey and add orange slices!
Freshly squeezed Juice: these are great, but diluted them with water. They are often high in sugar, as is Coconut water.
If you are a tea lover, freeze your favorite flavor teas and choose one and add it to your smoothie!
Then, of course: First, Middle, and Always drink plenty of pure plain WATER. 😉Enjoy!