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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Next door? REALLY?

You wouldn't believe the things that are taken for granted. No, most people really don't! Do you have $1.00 in your pocket? Can you buy a light bulb or box of batteries if you needed them? Little things, like gum? They don't sound like much, but actually, having "nothing" is hard to imagine for most people, yet for some folks "anything" can be considered a luxury because when you barely have what you need to get by, every  little thing in your life is so very precious. Now, here's the shocker.  These people who can't take anything for granted or allow anything to be wasted may be living right next door to you! They may talk to you on Facebook and you'd never guess. You may see them at the PTA meetings or in church on Sunday or in Bible Study, they may be your children's playmates... So get to know your community and extend a hand and offer a smile. Let's care about everyone, in every way we can, who moves in and out of our lives. Who knows, they may have something to show you about blessings...about the giving and recieving of them.
Above all, be grateful! Very hard times can happen to anyone, often without warning or blame.
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What you have and take for granted may be what others can only pray for...

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