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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How Great He Is!

He is with you, always. Tell Him how great He really is...Ask Him to open the eyes and ears of your heart.
Welcome the Holy Spirit to live in your heart.
Deborah Mullan

Saturday, October 14, 2017

He Hears You!

It's amazing. Sometimes it takes a while. You must keep busy with a positive attitude and positive  thoughts through the tribulations our Lord said we will have during our lifetime. Know that a "suddenly" moment is already done for you. It will come, have Faith. You may be on your knees and crying out to Father God...that's ok, but then get up, keep your heart open and have Faith  Look around , notice the Glory of is everywhere. Take comfort in God's Shalom and the words of our Lord, Jesus...the Prince of Peace.

Deborah Mullan/  A Creative Living Professional  Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dear Lord, Protect My Family

We are leaning in and are listening for Your voice Lord. Following Your Word and living it gives us peace. We love You and praise Your name. Walk close to us, Oh Lord...
  Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Listen and Obey

    God is present WITH YOU always. He will make Himself known to you in a way that's custom made for you and what you need Him to work in your life.
Your job is to listen and obey. He will lead you, but you must hear Him and obey. How?
He speaks to you by putting things in your life that will open your eyes, then you see through the eyes of your heart. People may say things that make your choices clear.
     Be open to the Blessings He puts into your life. Leave your heart open to Him.
How do you know it's  God's voice you are hearing or witnessing? Turn to your Bible, every Word in the Bible is a lesson. Guide yourself by His Word. Be familiar with your Bible. Old and New Testiment.  You will know His Truth...His Word.
     If you are in immediate need and feel totally lost, it's ok to yell out to Him, cry out to your Father. Then it's your job to start to do what you know is His Word. There are many people available to help you to understand His Word. Watching and praying is a very active process. Don't forget to praise Him out loud by you actions, words and deeds. Worship Him, from your heart, and get to know Him. Lean into Him and let your Faith bring you close to Him and know His Will ..He will be there, always and He will give you STRENGTH. SHALOM and be Blessed in your Devine journey with the Father, Son  and Holy Spirit. Know you are loved beyond your ability to comprehend. Your understanding , speaking and living His Word brings about His power and love in your life.  Live to glorify God according to His Will...

Deborah Mullan

Monday, August 7, 2017

She found it!

I thought you'd like this...
Deborah Mullan/ A Creative Living Professional 

Selfless Change

If you want to change anything in this world, you need to know it’s all in your hands.
If the change you want to make is going to be real, you need to know it’s not about you.
It’s about what has to be done. 
  • Kfar Chabad #1406, p. 31


Monday, July 31, 2017

About Your Plastic Surgery...

Well, this would be a nightmare...
Actually, it's a serious matter. Make sure you have a great surgeon before you embark on a journey for cosmetic surgery...ask questions like... How many of these operations have you done? How long have you been doing this type cosmetic surgery? Where were you trained? Have you done a general surgery residency as well as one in plastic surgery?  Show me lots pictures of your work? Don't be afraid to ask serious questions...if they are offended or not forthcoming...find the door and use it!
Seriously, too many physicians and oral surgeons don't have the experience and credentials they (you) need to get the best results. A good plastic surgeon will be confident, but very honest. There are no promises of perfection in this line of work. They will discuss the pros and cons...Be wise!