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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Wait! This Is Crazy...

REALLY! My head is spinning. There are sales everywhere. Well, that's nice, I should take advantage of these lower prices! Wait, I remember seeing this blouse more than a year, I must be imagining things. How is this happening because these markdown prices are for cruisewear summer items...thinking, thinking...wait. These ARE last years summer clothes AND they are mixed with this winter's clothes. Just a minute, I don't need any more winter clothes. Hmm, I'm saving my money and I'll wait to buy new things for coming next season. I don't even know what will be in style or what I need."💡" I can take a vacation with the money I'd be spending or I can save the money I'd  spend on things I don't need or really want! Hello! How about if I save the money until I know what I need and the styles I  actually want...yeah!
So, that's lucky day!
* If you truly need something and it's on sale, buy it! If you can wait a little, see when it might go on a second or third markdown.

Deborah Mullan/A Creative Living Professional
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