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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Blessings Have Been Given

  • Something to think about this Chanukkah and Christmas.

Let's  first think about Chanukkah. The battle was over and the temple was reclaimed to allow freedom to worship ONE True God. Yet, the oil they had was just enough for one day. Another miracle was delivered to these people. The oil lasted eight days...The victory was won and the blessings followed.
Now, let's move forward in time to a little town called Bethlehem.  A very special  Bethlehem,  as there were three little towns by that name, but only one was chosen by God and prophesied in the old Old Testament to be the birthplace of Messiah. The name Bethlehem means house of bread, manna. One child, the Messiah, was going to be born there.
How did Joseph and Mary get to this chosen place? Certainly, Mary was in no condition to travel, but the counting of every person was mandated. So, this Blessed Family set off for this specific place, called Bethlehem. Mary was great with child, but they started their journey to anyway.
Once they arrived, Mary was aware she would soon give birth. They needed a place to stay, but there was no room for "them". If they had been rich and noble, there would have been a room, but no. So, they were forced out to a cave amongst shepards and livestock. They were forced out into a place of common, humble people. There, our Savior was born, in that humble town and they rested in a humble place.
Yes, our Savior was born out of humble circumstances.  He was delivered to everyone, especially the humble and weak.
They were the chosen ones to recieve our Lord, who's birth blessed us that night. His birth had blessed those chosen and destined to inherit the Kingdom of God and continues to do so...Thank You dear Father God for the greatest blessing ever given to us, your children.
Take a little time to relate what this all means to you and your life...
Celebrate these miracles and the gifts they provide for us every moment of our life. Trust, Obedience and Faith are the virtues that allowed these gifts come to pass. Do we have that Faith, Trust and Willingness to be Obedient, without question to Father God? These are not easy choices to make, but look what honoring His will

can bring forth! One step and day at a time is all His Word asks of us. Pass the Word on to a friend!
Deborah Mullan/ IvyLaneLifestyling

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