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Thursday, September 1, 2016

You matter, guard your heart...

Do you ever meet up with  friends or family members and feel terrible about yourself because of something that came out of their mouths? Perhaps you hear statements that are meant to seemingly correct you, but only   strike hard upon your heart. No, it wasn't only some random aspect of you they was hurtful to your sense  of well being and purpose . My question to you is, why are you allowing them into your life? Yes, you may have to tolerate them being present,  but you don't need to put such a high value on what they say about you. You may wonder if they may be correct and you may be less than you should be. My answer is simple really. If they are coming from a good place and are a blessing in your life, a relationship with them won't  require you to tap dance on egg shells in order to spend time with them and not feel wounded. If you know people like this, it's OK to to walk around them and get them out of your way. You may think, that's  not very Christian. However, it does not serve you or God to be controlled  and manipulated by someone. There are people in this world who mean your harm. They may be in great pain themselves. Pray and be an example to them...but don't be their victim. Turn the light on and remove the darkness. Proverbs 4:23 says ...above all else guard your heart,  for everything you do flows from it...
Your thoughts are powerful and  you may end up a reflection of those thoughts which were instilled in you by someone speaking something other than the  truth of God's word. You are a blessed child of God. Turn on the light. No person can turn on darkness, it's  not possible, choose otherwise. Keep in mind that you don't  need to hate them,  that would be wrong. Just don't  give them power over your life. Walk on knowing you are a valuable part of God's intentions. Keep busy with the wish to be a blessing to others. There is much inside of you that is worthy and good. Can't you feel it inside your bones? Make your life and the life of others rich by making your gifts come alive. Remember, the opinion of those, who seem to be so perfect and laud that perfection over your head, are nothing more that illusion. Believe in yourself and have Faith in God. Deborah Mullan/ IvyLaneLifestyling

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