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Saturday, September 17, 2016

First fruits offerings in the High Holy days

Isaiah 55:6 says call on the Lord while He is near. Have you given any thought as to how that influences  you, your actions and why?
We understand and are greatful that He is with us always. Why then, at certain times in God's calender, is he closer to us? This month is one example of those appointed times when His blessings and mercy are shown to us much more clearly and abundantly.
To sum this answer up, we turn to the ancient Hebrew. Three times a year God opens the windows of heaven and He moves closers to us. The first and most important is the first fruits offering which allows us to return to the city of refuge. It is happening now, in the Hebrew month of Elul.
We are entering the beginning of the High Holy days of the year. Passover,Pentecost are the two other times we honor Him in a special way and now, in the month of Elul (which takes us into Rosh Hashanah,  Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles) we are in the most Holy time and God blesses us according to how we have lived up to His expections.
These are appointments on God's calender. We are in, but not of this world...and the first fruits offering allows us to return to the city of refuge...allows us to return back to Him.
It is then we receive our blessings.
Have our lives made enough of a difference that will allow for those blessings? You might want to think deeply about this. Enjoy the coming High Holy days, but do it with great respect, reverence, humility, and sublimation.
This is the time for repentance...
Make sure your first fruits offerings are worthy. Don't  come empty handed.
May the blessings unto you be many ...
Praise to our Lord Jesus... our Messiah, for delivering us and making us worthy of these blessings so we may receive God's gifts.
Deborah Mullan

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