No Resolution Needed!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I was so wrong and I'm thankful!

 Today I thank God for the endings and  things I  perceived as failures, all of which I facilitated by thinking I was "driving the car", so to speak. NOW, I know any and everything comes from a power much greater than me. Nothing that hurts or seeks to destroy us in life can result in things being finished or over and thus  can  be overcome.
My thoughts and beliefs were "self" based and toxic.. Well, evidently  I never really heard His word. His words have the power to deliver you and heal your soul. Change and refocus your thoughts and you will be more content while the storm rages. Thoughts become actions and they can change our lives. We have the power of Christ within us. Only with His Grace and following His Word can we truly make fruitful, powerful and hopeful changes in our lives,. That is how I experience the fullness of this statement today. Deb
Shalom, Blessings ...B"H

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