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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Avocado heaven!!
It’s a rather bland fruit…but oh, what you can do with this fruit that will make you want to eat them at every meal…
Some suggestions:
1. Eat plain
2. Add fresh lemon or lime juice. If the fruit sits for a time , this will keep it from turning dark.
3. Add freshly made dressing. You can add herbs such as mint, tarragon, rosemary, garlic, onion, dill…you get the idea?
4. Add honey mustard to above or just add the mustard alone.
6. Mash it
7. Use the mash to make guacamole, season to taste with fresh ingredients. Eat as dip or add to a salad.
8. Melt cheese and herbs etc. over the fruit.
9. Add other seasoned veggies raw or sautéed…combinations are limitless.
10. Add tuna, chicken salads, cheese optional
11. Add slices or spread it on toast with seasonings, fresh! Cheese optional, tomato, turkey bacon heat …have this for BREAKFAST, LUNCH or DINNER !
12. Put it in a blender, add Tofu with veggies and or fruit. 13. Use the Avocados to thicken soups!
Do you get the idea? You can even garnish a plate with it, but eat them (always check with your doctor if you have dietary restrictions).
ENJOY! ;)).      

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