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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The BATTLE with Lyme Disease...

  Spring, summer and fall ….ticks. Learn to take the proper precautions to prevent being infected by this disease called Lyme borreliosis, otherwise known as Lyme diease. Some signs that you have been bitten is an expanding area of redness. This is known as erythema migrans…the”bullseye” rash. However, about 25% of those bitten never see this rash. You must catch this early stage of Lyme diseae as soon as possible, if you were infected by the bite.There is a treatment for those in the early stage of the this disease. People feel flu-like, tired and generally have a headache. If this persists a little too long for the flu.left untreated, people develop numbness, an inability to move facial muscles, joint pains, severe headache, stiffness, heart palpitations and joint swelling. After time, some 10 to 20% develop a worsening of symptoms and suffer from severe weakness along with decreased cognitive skills. Loss of writing skills, conversational ease and memory issues top the list of symptoms . After this it’s a chronic illness and you MAY, in some cases, not recover. The infected ticks bite you or your pet then you or your pet present with the above symptoms. So, protect your pets by proper preventative medication…check yourself and your pets regularly, especially if you live in certain areas of the country. When outdoors in grassy or wooded areas keep covered. Each year over 300,000 people become infected. Over 40,000 will not have a clue, until they have symptoms. If you have any question that you may be infected SEE AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST. Insist that the doctor runs a WESTERN BLOT and not an ELISA test. The ELISA test is FALSE NEGATIVE over 40% of the time. Whilst the WESTERN BLOT confirms the disease with astounding accuracy. This IS a time to be insistent, it’s your life, not a popularity contest. Fight it now or fight for your life latter. Later, at this stage of the illness (chronic neurological Lyme disease) there is no cure and it becomes quite aggressive  , but increased awarenes on your behalf and researchers efforts will bring useful knowledge forward. We are looking for a cure, but at this point, just a way to control the symptomology would bring great relief to many. Thank you for reading this and please help raise AWARENESS!💜

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